Mercedes Benz AMG Driving School 360°

Mercedes Benz AMG 360°

Matchstick was chosen to capture the Mercedes-Benz  AMG Bi-turbo V8 E G3s in action at its winter driving academy in Gimli Manitoba, Canada. This amazing driving school teaches drivers to race around and practice winter driving skills on a frozen lake. The cars on the stark white backgrounds were visually amazing as they left vapor trails hanging in the air. The sound of the 500hp engines pushing the 20mm studs into the ice sent chills down our spines.

The 360° video requires you use the YouTube app on your smart phone or a browser other then Safari. You can use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. To launch the YouTube app on your phone click here.

Working in such cold and harsh conditions, -40°C plus wind chill was difficult. However, our team was up to the challenge and the end result is spectacular. The 360° format can be challenging because of needing so many cameras, batteries, lenses etc.. In the end, the shoot was a tremendous amount of fun. The crew and client had a great time.

Our goal was to capture something in the 360° format that hasn’t been captured before. We found that the natural beauty of this setting was the perfect enviroment. Sound design played a crucial role in the final project. 

We want to thank our own baby driver, David Kok who is a future race car driver for his patience and skill. He hit the mark almost every time, including drifting a car over a 360° camera buried in the ice.