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For over 20 years, MSP Films, a world-renowned production company, has specialized in creating award-winning content.

Using state-of-the-art technology, including the most advanced aerial and ground filming equipment available, we are able to bring the clients’ vision to life from concept to finished product. Our expertise extends beyond the camera as we create storyboards and scripts, scout locations and find talent. We will make things as easy as possible for you by taking care of logistics and attaining permits to seeking legal clearances. We deliver the final project in all needed formats from our top of the line editing suites. Hire us for your production and promote your brand in a powerful way.

We bring ideas to life by being experts at detail.

From scripting and scouting locations to creating polished and seamless productions, we pride ourselves in our knowledge and efficiency in providing top of the line imagery. Having 20 years of experience behind a camera in all corners of the world, we have refined our skills to provide the highest production value at the best possible budget. We are a full production boutique with gear surpassing most rental houses. From Red Dragon packages, Pro Prime lenses, sliders, cranes, lights, 4k Drones, CineFlex 6k, camera vehicles and much, much more.

Incredible location.

The convenience of our location puts our systems and helicopter within minutes of southern Colorado and Utah. Giving us the ability to be on-location in some of the most amazing areas of the American landscape.


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CineFlex 6k

Designed with close collaboration between cinematographers and General Dynamics’ design engineers, the 6k Cineflex gyro-stabilized camera system is a compact, light-weight Super 35 format digital production camera system. The Cineflex combines the proven 5-axis stability of our Cineflex camera systems with state of the art Canon Premier® lenses and the award winning RED DRAGON® camera. The Cineflex family of cameras is compatible with a variety of certified mounts and can be rigged in one-fourth the time of other Super 35 format digital production camera systems on the market. Easily integrated onto cable and rail systems, aircraft, automobiles, boats and other mobile platforms, the Cineflex brings Super 35 6k format digital production to new places. Cineflex is a product family of General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies, a provider of high-performance camera systems and components.  


SkyFilmElite is consistently expanding the methods in which we are able to film with our 6k Cineflex. Our CineRanger is able to maneuver in tight on or off-road areas that would otherwise be difficult to film with any other mode of transportation. With interchangeable wheels and snow tracks, it is able to maneuver in various conditions and terrain. And with an enclosed cabin where our camera operators control the Cineflex Elite, we are able to use the Ranger year-round.


In addition to the CineRanger, we have custom-built our CineTruck specifically for the Cineflex Elite. This heavy-duty truck is able to ride on and off-road in rugged terrain or on paved roads, going at highway speeds. With the camera operator safely inside the cab, the CineTruck is able to ride year-round.

Aerial Drones

Professional aerial cinematography provides us with a reliable and vigorous system. Also giving us the ability to capture smooth aerial footage and go where no helicopter would be able to go.

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With your ideas we create an expert vision using the perfect script, the ideal location, and the best talent. We use our talents to create powerful imagery for your brand.



Using top of the line equipment with our 20+ years of experience behind a camera, we create polished high quality productions at the best possible budget.



Your ideas come to life in our state of the art editing suites. We stitch together your completed projects with expert attention to detail and deliver in all needed formats.



Our creativity doesn’t stop with a finished project. We continue to promote your brand to the appropriate audiences through our vast network of connections that comes with being a leader in the industry.

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Upgraded with the 6k Red Dragon, Director Monitor, Pilot monitor, Operator monitor, Helicopter mount, Truck mount, Polaris Ranger top and hood mount

Red Dragon camera’s with OLPF filters x2

Red Epic camera’s x2

ND 3, 6 and 9 Matte boxes 9 x brick batteries Bomb EVF eye piece 3 LCD touch screens 5” Pro Battery Module DSMC Side handle 10 Red Volt batteries Battery charges for bricks and Red Volts Battery belt clips x3 Various cheese plates and handles Base plate with support rods Wooden Camera ABox XLR audio boxes Quick release platform 6x 128GB cards 2x 64GB

Zeiss Primes


Booms Senheiser wireless mics 416 shot gun mics blimps

Red Pro Prime LENS package

1x 25mm 1x 35mm 1x 50mm 1x 85mm 1x 100mm 1x 300mm 1x 17-50mm zoom 1x 100mm 5X Macro lens

1x iMac DIT machine with case

Red Rocket card included

2 Sachtler Video 20 tripods

1 Sachtler 7×7 tripod

DEFY hand-held gimbal

1x 5ft Kessler slider with motors and oracle remote

1x 3ft Kessler slider with motor and remote

12 ft. Kessler crane

2x Canon 5D packages

time lapse motors 1x time lapse slider rail and motor


2x Diva KinoFlow lights 2x Full size KinoFlow lights 4x 1K Arri hot lights Stands for all.

Convergent Design Q7 Arri Raw recorder

Car Mounts

1 EUROCOPTER B3 AStar helicopter

heated hanger to rig available in Gunnison

2014 Chevy or 2014 Dodge truck to mount Cineflex to: CineTruck

2014 Polaris Ranger with snow tracks: CineRanger

Motorized cable cam system

Dual operator includes gimbal for silky smooth shots

DJI Inspire Pro 4K dual operator drone

26 foot production RV

The Hauler RV serves as a fully equipped lounge with amenities such as: full power tv refrigerator/freezer•A/C heat microwave/stove foldable lounge

9 foot trailer


6 x Motorola 2 way radios Sat phone

Latest GoPro and Sony POV cameras with all the mounts.

3x Arri SR 2 HS super 16mm cameras with Zeiss lens packages

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MSP Films is the most award winning ski film company in history. With 8 of the 14 “Movie of the year Awards”, “Best Documentary Award”, and 3 Emmy nominations for cinematography.