MSP teams up with Loki the Wolfdog and Mercedes-Benz

MSP teams up with Loki the Wolfdog and Mercedes-Benz

As of May 4th the Mercedes Benz videos have achieved viral status with a knock-out 4 million views and has been featured in Fortune magazine.

Loki Editor's Cut 4k UHD version

Mercedes-Benz – Loki 360° Experience

Experius VR teams up with Loki the Wolfdog and Mercedes-Benz

Posted by Experius VR on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brought to you by our good friends at Experius VR.

The 360° video requires you use the YouTube app on your smart phone or a browser other then Safari. You can use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. To launch the YouTube app on your phone click here.

On the tail end of a massive snowstorm in early February, MSP joined forces with Mercedes-Benz USA to capture the spirit of the upcoming 2017 GLS sport utility vehicle. MSP was tasked with telling the story of Loki the Wolfdog – an Instagram sensation – by highlighting one of his outdoor adventures with his human companion, Kelly.

Temperatures bottomed out at -40 degrees during the shoot, presenting unique challenges for Kelly, Loki, and the film crew alike. Filming conditions and the iconic mountainous backdrops of Crested Butte were absolutely perfect, however, and the team persevered. MSP assembled its A-team to capture the GLS and the star talent from all angles, including two RED Dragons filming at 6K resolution, one 4K aerial drone, a proprietary 360-video system, and truck/UTV-mounted Cineflex gyrostabilized RED Dragon. The resulting imagery from the shoot has just been released, and we are proud to share the fruit of our efforts here with you today.

Very special thanks are due to everyone who helped bring this vision to life, including Mercedes-Benz USA, Razorfish, Experius VR, Eleven Experience / Irwin Guides, and Trent Bona Photography.  For more from the shoot, please visit @MBUSA and @Loki_the_Wolfdog on Instagram.